R&D De Castelli, 2010

Celato is a call to what lies hidden, a call to keep memory intact. It is an archetype whose beauty is revealed gradually. Its monolithic appearance makes the Celato look like a contemporary menhir. Like in the legend telling about marvellous treasures kept under those sacred stones, the cabinet reveals a double soul, with many inner spaces, hidden, almost secret. Many pieces are combined to form a complete picture: aestethic sensitivity, functionality, and great skill are combined in the creation of a unique object, never the same to another one, unveiling itself in all modesty, a state-of-the-art product between tradition and modernity.

Dimensions L.75 D.40 H.162 cm - L.75 D.40 H.82 cm - L.130 D.46 H.82 cm


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