Ramon Esteve

Continuity, essence and purity is what we can perceive in the projects of the former Architect Ramon Esteve. Based in the old neighbourhood el barrio del Carmen in Valencia his work is very diverse, from a biomedicine centre in the city of Arts and Science (awarded with the Valencian Architects Institute First Prize), to office buildings, furniture and industrial buildings, hospitals, a church, a young hostel and more than twenty different styling houses. A print of his work style can always be to enhance the fundamental nature of the materials avoiding the insubstantial, the accentuate control of the detail, in a word and as a result the form is the consequence of a coherent process. The search for well-balance spaces takes him to design the furniture of the houses too; this process takes close the architecture language to the client for the understanding of the project.

Most of this furniture pieces ends up to become commercialized by furniture companies as Gandia Blasco, Joquer, Viccarbe and Andreu World. Recently, he collaborates with Nh Hotels for the new interior design of the new hotels. He also carries out works for interior design to different brands as Gandia Blasco, Farrutx, Kodak, Luna Café, La Cuina, Luna Carmen, Chapeau, Cyes Inmobiliaria, etc., as part of the whole architectonic process.


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