Nikita Bettoni

After earning a high school diploma in arts, he studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, where he graduated. He mainly works as a furniture designer and interior decorator. During the last twenty years he has got the chance to collaborate with the most renowned furniture and interior design show-rooms in Milan. Thanks to these experiences he became acquainted with the most reputed architects and interior designers both nationally and globally. He boasts a high profile, cosmopolitan and mainly International clientele. These educated and demanding Citizens of the world require to be  looked after, taking care of all the details for residential as well as commercial projects. Continuously searching for beauty, he finally met De Castelli. First with a commission for the design of some exclusive and luxurious furniture pieces for a private residence, then the partnership as an aesthetyc and image consultant, the curatorship of the De Castelli stand at the SALONE DEL MOBILE 2016, the design of other pieces of furniture, as well as the setting up of the De Castelli Flagship Store for the FUORI SALONE 2016 in Milan.

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